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DISGRACE: US vetoes Algeria’s ceasefire resolution at UN Security Council

US ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield on Tuesday used the country’s power as a permanent member of the UN Security Council to veto a ceasefire resolution introduced by Algeria, despite an impassioned appeal from Algerian ambassador Amar Bendjama prior to the vote.

“Today, every Palestinian is a target for death, extermination, and genocide…”

“A vote in favor of this draft resolution is a support to the Palestinians’ right to life…”

“Voting against it implies an endorsement of the brutal violence and collective punishment afflicted upon them…”

Every other member voted in favor of the resolution, except for the UK, who abstained.


Shortly after the vote took place, international law professor Francis Boyle appeared on Rachel Blevins’ program to provide analysis and discuss what happens next.

Here’s the full interview:

Boyle has said since early on that he suspected the US would veto such a resolution at the UN Security Council, which would leave enforcement to the UN General Assembly under “Uniting for Peace”—something he discusses further in the video above.

In a decision issued this past Friday, the International Court of Justice (ICJ)—which has already determined that Israel is plausibly committing genocide and ordered provisional measures in response—said that “the most recent developments in the Gaza Strip, and in Rafah in particular, ‘would exponentially increase what is already a humanitarian nightmare with untold regional consequences.’ “

“This perilous situation demands immediate and effective implementation of the provisional measures indicated by the Court in its Order, which are applicable throughout the Gaza Strip, including in Rafah.”

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