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Parents overwhelmingly reject CDC’s booster recommendation for children: ‘only about 5%’ uptake in the US

The New York Times also acknowledges the "inherent uncertainty about long-term effects"

The overwhelming majority of parents in the United States have rejected the CDC’s latest booster recommendation for children—guidance that “much of the world” outside the US has already abandoned.

That’s according to this morning’s New York Times newsletter (archived here), which reports that only about 5% of children under 12 have gotten the latest shot.

It begins by noting that the CDC is “a global outlier” when it comes to recommending the shots for children:

Much of the world has decided that most young children do not need to receive Covid booster shots. It’s true in Britain, France, Japan and Australia.

Some countries, like India, have gone further. They say that otherwise healthy children do not need even an initial Covid vaccination. In Germany, public health experts don’t recommend vaccines for any children, including teenagers, unless they have a medical condition.

The Times goes on to say (bold added):

The C.D.C. urges booster shots for all children six months and older. Yet the recommendation has failed to accomplish much. Instead, most American parents have chosen to overrule the C.D.C. Only about 40 percent of children under 12 have been vaccinated against Covid, and only about 5 percent are up to date on their boosters.

As a source, they cite the CDC’s “COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage and Vaccine Confidence Among Children” page.

This appears to be the most relevant portion of their data:

Also of note is the Times’ admission that there is “inherent uncertainty about long-term effects” (bold added):

The benefits [for children] are modest because children are extremely unlikely to become seriously ill from Covid and are less likely to transmit the virus than an adult is. The costs include the financial price of mass vaccination, the possibility that a shot’s side effects will make a child sick enough to miss school, the tiny chance of more serious side effects and the inherent uncertainty about long-term effects.

This is a point that has been made by millions of Americans since these shots were rolled out in December of 2020, only for many of them to have been figuratively (and sometimes literally) shouted down, fired from their jobs, and/or labeled “anti-vaxxers” for noting this “inherent” fact.

It also echoes a statement made by Dr. Anthony Fauci himself in a 1999 PBS NOVA documentary about AIDS, where—as previously reported by Decensored News—he said that “all hell” can “break loose” as many as twelve years later without long-term vaccine safety testing:

This quote (still) does not appear to have ever been printed by the New York Times, based on a Google Search of their website.

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