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MUST SEE: State Dept confronted over Geneva Conventions in Gaza

At a recent press conference, journalist Sam Husseini called out the US State Department on their months of evasiveness and deceit about (what should be) a simple question—one that he’s asked them repeatedly:

“Does the US government recognize the Geneva Conventions as applying to Gaza?”

Watch (also available on X, Rumble):

“I repeatedly raised questions about the Fourth Geneva Convention, which protects civilians, not being adhered to beginning in November and continuing to the present,” Sam said on Substack. “I specifically raised the alarm about such a false legal posture being part of the US government greenlighting Israel to treat Gaza like a Free-Fire zone, killing civilians at whim.”

“Blinken and his underlings clearly aim to give the public the impression they are not eviscerating a major cornerstone of international law when that’s exactly what they are trying to do.”

More recently, other reporters have started picking up on this line of questioning, with AP reporter Matt Lee bringing it back up at the end of last Thursday’s briefing. State Department deputy spokesman Vedant Patel replied that “the principles reflected in” the Geneva Convention “should be compiled with” everywhere,” but refused to give a straight answer to Sam’s follow-up about Gaza in particular:

“Patel talks about the ‘principles reflected in’ the Geneva Conventions — not the actual legal obligations themselves — and how they ‘should be’ complied with, not must be complied with,” Sam writes.

“When I asked, ‘Is Israel the occupying power in Gaza?’ Patel responded: ‘That is not what we believe to be the case’ and refused to take the followup: ‘So Israel is exempt from the obligations of being an occupying power in Gaza?’ as he ended the news conference and the State Department cut off my microphone.”

See Sam’s piece, “State Dept. Deceits on Geneva Convention” for additional video clips and legal analysis.

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