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RFK Jr. Says He’ll Prosecute Fauci, After His Comments About Avoiding ‘Retribution and Blame’ Draw Backlash

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. — who officially launched his Democratic presidential bid earlier this month — drew criticism this week for comments that he made about how the country should move forward in the wake of the “public health disaster” of the past several years.

On Wednesday, Kennedy said on Twitter that “we need to avoid… retribution and blame” for the mandates, lockdowns, censorship, and “insanity” ushered in by “mainstream figures like Anthony Fauci”:

At the end of his tweet, Kennedy shared a link to a CNN article entitled “Fauci reflects on missteps, successes of the US Covid-19 pandemic response,” which says in part:

In interviews with New York Times science writer David Wallace-Wells in April, and with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins on Wednesday, Fauci gave some of his most extensive answers yet on the decisions that he and others made during the pandemic and how they shaped the country’s response.

An account of the interviews in the New York Times Magazine describes Fauci as defensive on topics about which he felt his own positions had been misconstrued, such as the origins of Covid-19, but “reflective and humble” about the pandemic and his own role in it.

Besides his curious assertion that it’s just now “dawning on” Fauci et al. how disastrous their policies were, not wanting to assign “blame” seemed odd coming from Kennedy, particularly given the fact that he is the author of an entire book called The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, in which he notes that Fauci “and his Pharma collaborators,” via their corrupt, vaccine-obsessed policies — including the deliberate suppression of “inexpensive, safe medicines” — “caused hundreds of thousands of wholly unnecessary deaths”:

Here’s a fairly representative sampling of the roughly 10,000 replies to his “retribution and blame” tweet:

The following day, Kennedy added these follow-ups to his original tweet. They were posted at 9:52am, 2:19pm, and 4:31pm EST, respectively.

He also now explicitly said that Fauci “needs to be prosecuted”:

Interestingly, CNN published an interview the following day in which Fauci himself used a similar line about “blame.” Asked by anchor Christiane Anampour about “the real takeaways” and “real lessons for public health” of the past few years, Fauci began his answer by saying: “I think we have to get away from the blame game.”

Moments later, he reiterated that “the blame game” is something that “we have to stay away from.”

Decensored News conducted an informal poll on Twitter and Gab to gauge people’s reaction to Kennedy’s follow-up comments. The question was:

“After saying yesterday that “we need to avoid… retribution and blame” for the mandates, lockdowns, & censorship – and receiving major backlash – RFK Jr now says his AG will investigate & prosecute everyone “who knowingly defrauded or deceived” the public. Do you believe him?”

The sample size was rather small (154 votes), but the results were similar on both platforms, with almost two-thirds of respondents choosing “No / not really.”



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