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Watch: People Whose Channels Are Not Politically-Focused React to “Rich Men North of Richmond”

Watch these people’s reactions to Oliver Anthony’s breakout song “Rich Men North of Richmond,” and listen to what they say about why they relate to it and how it makes them feel.

The clips in this compilation video are purposely taken from channels that are NOT politically-focused.

Most of these channels are primarily devoted to music reactions, though some have a broader scope that also includes gaming, mental health, reacting to non-musical content, etc.

The people come from a variety of walks of life (therapist, guitar teacher, college student, etc).

The attempts by some in the media to put this song in a partisan box and paint it as something that just caters to – and primarily appeals to – “right-wing influencers” or “conservatives” are as wrong as they are telling and predictable (as the video above helps to illustrate).

It’s abundantly clear that working-class people from all kinds of backgrounds and political orientations – many, many millions of Americans, and people around the world – deeply resonate with its message. This is probably the most impactful populist anthem in recent memory.

In case anyone thinks the people in that video are “cherry-picked,” please see this great edit that Matt Orfalea dropped last night, which includes clips of dozens more people reacting to the Oliver Anthony’s performance.

The sentiment is overwhelmingly that the song is highly relatable, poignant, beautiful, and ACCURATE. The same can be seen in the comments sections and countless social media posts around the web.