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FLASHBACK: State Dept dismisses warnings of impending Israeli mass slaughter of children, civilians

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller put out a cutesy “Take Your Child to Work Day” video on Monday, as thousands of children continue to be massacred in Gaza as part of a genocide that he’s now spent seven straight months flacking for and playing dumb about.

The exchanges in the video above—which features journalists Sam Husseini, Max Blumenthal, and Said Arikat—took place during a press conference just three days after October 7.

At the time, hundreds of Palestinian civilians, including an estimated 74+ children, had been killed by Israel in a matter of days—an already horrific number, but only a tiny fraction of what was to come in the ensuing weeks and months.

Since this presser, as many as 100-200 times more children have been killed by Israel (nearly 15,000 of them now, per the UN OHCHR), with countless more maimed and/or orphaned.

Watch how these journalists repeatedly tried to get Miller to acknowledge the Palestinian children and civilians already being actively murdered in droves, and to do something to stop it.

“Will you urge Israel not to STARVE and SLAUGHTER people, please??”

“They’re being bombed and you’re totally silent!”

“You’re giving Israel a green light. This is ABSURD, Matt!”

Remember as you watch this that approximately 99% of the children who have been killed in Gaza since October 7 were still alive at this time.

Now, Israel is attacking Rafah, where there are some 600,000 more children.

History will never forget Matthew Miller and the Biden-Blinken State Department’s (ongoing) role in this genocide, no matter how many PR videos they put out to try to humanize themselves.

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