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Genocidal Word Games: ‘Limited’ vs ‘Major’ Military Operations in Rafah

State Department Spokesman Matthew Miller said today that the US supports Israel’s ongoing use of “American-provided weapons” in Rafah, as long as they don’t conduct a “full-scale military operation” — something he claims has (still) not yet occurred.

However, when pressed a few weeks ago about what exactly that means, he admitted that there is a “point where a series of limited operations” amount to “one large one.”

Reporter: “Where is this line for you, the United States, where you’re gonna say, like, ‘Okay, this is now a large-scale operation and we don’t support that’?”

Miller: “I’m not going to get into trying to define it here…”

So, a “full-scale” or “major” operation — the supposed line in the sand — means whatever they want it to mean… and possibly nothing at all.

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