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MUST SEE: Journalists grill State Dept over Israeli ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Genocidal Rhetoric’

At Tuesday’s press briefing, journalists Said Arikat, Max Blumenthal, and Sam Husseini grilled State Department spokersperson Matthew Miller over Israeli “war crimes” and “genocidal rhetoric.”

See video above, which has now amassed over 3 million views on Twitter/X. Also available on Rumble, Odysee, Gab, & Bitchute.

Sam shared the video on his Substack late Tuesday night, and provided some additional context:

Many thanks to Decensored News for producing the above excellent video, which contains most (but not all) of my attempts to ask questions at the State Department briefing today.

The first 15 minutes of the State Department briefing today were completely surreal propaganda. One would have no idea that Israel had ever hurt a fly.

So, at that point, I stopped simply raising my hand hoping that spokesperson Matt Miller would call on me, which he probably wouldn’t.

I started finally just chiming in with questions.

They would include:

When Matt Miller was unwilling to criticize Israel, I asked: “Does Israel have a right to kill civilians, Matt?”

When Miller said: “Hamas that favors that path of death and destruction,” I chimed in: “But Israel is raining down death and destruction, Matt.”

When Miller talked about how good “normalization” was between Israel and Arab states (dictatorships all), I said: “You’re normalizing war crimes here, Matt.”

Just as I started chiming in, Miller finally called on Said Arikat, which is where the above video begins. This was odd because Said usually gets called on earlier when Palestine is front and center. Said asked strong questions, raising issues of war crimes by Israel with the even worse siege it is imposing. Miller would absurdly [act as if] Israel respects international law.

Most questions by other reporters were from a more militaristic perspective, before and after I chimed in — especially asking about alleged Iranian involvement in the Hamas attacks. Matthew Lee — who at times asks great questions about Israel and other subjects — asked a bunch of questions about Iranian funds being released, which is a questioning I’d think the administration is delighted to have. It was actually at that point that I started speaking up.

Miller at times calls on reporters around me, possibly as a way of taunting me. It just so happened today that Max Blumenthal of the Grayzone was at the briefing and he sat next to me. So when Miller called on Max, he was in for something of a surprise with Max’s excellent questioning.

I continued to chime in with the news conference ending with a smiling Matt Miller walking away, not answering my final question:

“Will You Urge Israel to Not Starve and Slaughter People?”

I just received notice there will not be a State Department briefing Wednesday.

Max Blumenthal, one of the other two journalists in the video, wrote on X:

Yesterday, we tried and failed to get [State Dept Spokesperson Matthew Miller] to simply acknowledge that Israel is killing scores of small children and hundreds of civilians by carpet bombing the Gaza Strip it holds under a starvation siege.

The State Dept has chosen to sign off on thousands more deaths.

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