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IDF Echoes GWB’s Propaganda: “Either you stand with Israel, or you stand with terrorism”

Same script, same false choice

In a post on Twitter/X earlier this week, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) echoed post-9/11 George W. Bush:

“Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists” –GWB, 9/20/2001

“You either stand with Israel, or you stand with terrorism” –IDF, 10/11/2023

Journalist Glenn Greenwald writes on Twitter/X:

The IDF has adopted a slogan — “You Either Stand With Israel or You Stand with Terrorism” — borrowing George W. Bush’s post-9/11 decree.

I continue to think 9/11 is the framework here – in terms of righteous rage, the resulting discourse, and the need to remember mistakes.

Just like those who questioned USG’s responses to 9/11 weren’t “pro-Terrorist” or “pro-Al Qaeda,” and just like opposing the Iraq War didn’t make one “pro-Saddam,” and opposing the US role in Ukraine isn’t “pro-Putin,” questioning the US or Israel doesn’t make one “pro-Hamas.”

He’s right, but to clarify: Bush’s decree wasn’t a “mistake” – it was deliberate war propaganda. (Greenwald seems to know this, and is likely saying the mistake was made by those who fell for the propaganda, not those who purposely created it, i.e., Bush, or more accurately, Bush’s handlers and speechwriters.)

Inversionism highlighted a similar quote by George Santos, a Republican congressman from New York:

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