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Why & How Gab Circumvented the App Stores (w/ CEO Andrew Torba)

“FACT: Apple control the world through their App Store, and everyone has to play by their rules.”

So said Mario Nawfal on X (formerly Twitter) a couple weeks ago.

Nawfal is one of the Elon Musk-approved “influencers” who have gained extreme prominence on the platform this year, in part due to regular engagement from Musk (and possibly other means as well, in Nawfal’s case.)

When these types of people – often perceived as “independent” and “anti-establishment” voices – make a claim like the one above, a lot of people on X (and beyond) believe it.

Except this “FACT” is not true: “Everyone” does not have to “play by [Apple’s] rules.”

The social media platform Gab, for instance, has circumvented Apple and Google’s app stores for this exact reason, as its CEO Andrew Torba has explained for years.

In the video above, Torba gives a concise overview of why and how Gab has avoided reliance on these “tools of Big Tech control.”

No matter how many times Elon Musk and his sycophants try to pretend Gab doesn’t exist, it does, and its existence gives the lie to so many of these people’s false claims about what supposedly is and isn’t possible.

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